About Us

Who are we?

App/games manafacturer for the Android, iOS and OSX. The development division of Mobile5 Media Ltd. Mainly we focus on bringing new ideas to the market.

Smaga Bakery is a company created with passionate people. We are a team of the best developers using their knowledge, experience and creativity to realize top-level foreign projects.

Our mission:

We Believe small team can change the World. Talented people, focused on the great idea and great product, can do really huge thing. Small is big!

Life At Smaga Bakery

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Our Fantastic Team

Fearless programmers, people with heart and passion to create beautiful apps together



Smaga Bakery owner, multitalented person, programmer/ graphic designer/manager. Chatterbox and work-addicted bookworm. Morning runner, likes chocolate wafers and cream-flavoured ice creams. Hater of punctuation marks, especially a question mark; sheep lover, sea breeze and motorbike riding enthusiast. Gardener, shoot grower.


Team Manager

Just a random employee;) Left-handed blonde who cannot live without coffee. Cat lover, dog owner. Likes riding on longboard, solving Wasgij puzzles, playing Jenga and Scrabble. A psychologist in the world of IT specialists. Loves sea food, sushi, spaghetti and bread with cheese.


Back-end Developer

When he had no family, children and dog, all his free time was consumed by jazz concerts, now he listens to music only at work. Fast cars and motorcycles maniac. Collects money in his piggy bank for Lamborghini, which unfortunately doesn’t go well cause now toys and liquor takes most of his budget.


Back-end Developer


Wordpress Developer

Young daddy, who likes to sculpt in frontend. Pixelperfectionist. He played bass on several bands. He didn’t make a rockman career, but he still loves a good music and an all-night feasts. In spare time he goes fishing.


Wordpress Developer

Multidisciplinary man. A fan of programming, objects, functions and artificial neural networks, but also motorcycles, cats and long-nosed monkeys. Some time ago, known as a pretty good bartender and a little bit better athlete. Gwent Grandmaster in his spare time.


Senior iOS Developer

Camouflage master, hides his identity almost as good as Batman. Very sociable person. Characterized by patience and professionalism at work. iOS master who likes walking with his goggles on at home.


Senior iOS Developer

Wine connoisseur, enthusiast of extra-urban silence. Studied on Warsaw Technical University, an avid urban cyclist and hobbyist photographer. Analog audio electronics and IoT / microcontroller tinkerer. Creates magic on iOS in Swift!


iOS Developer

Person who doesn’t really bother any warnings. Tuna pasta and pork chops are his favourite. When he doesn’t work he probably eat or play foosball when drinking coffee.  Little man with big ego.


iOS Developer

Student who is not afraid of anything almost like Fireman Sam- he’s brave to the core, he is the hero next door. Big fan of unconventional ways of transport, water and outstanding landscapes. What he likes the most is active life and creative evenings.  Loves  scent of petrol but wish to own tesla one day. Geek. Attends dancing classes after work.


iOS Developer

Very positive person from Beskid Maly, always smiling and ready to help. What doesn’t kill him makes him stronger. He swear like a sailor and he has strong head when it comes to drinking. You can meet him on annual Sunrise Festival. Likes to play Fifa. Real Madrit and Wisla Krakow big fan.


iOS Developer

Ex-bankster. He ditched his murky past in favor of coding. Caregiver for a deadly chinchilla and an alcoholic tanuki. A fellow from the city of Łódź, qualified Japanologist and a pianist by parents will. Self-appointed master of Mortal Kombat. Dry jokes and memes of Magda Gessler are his fuel, pugs are his kryptonite.  駄洒落を言うのは誰じゃ?


Senior Android Developer

Handyman- he can fix domestic defects as professionally as crash on Android.  Dog lover, Amstaff owner. Called ‘Ninja’ by colleagues. Bakes delicious cakes and makes homemade ketchup.


Android Developer

Android programmer with wide dairy industry knowledge. Likes to create databases. Free time spends under water. Always ready to party, well behaved, never refuse when people offer him a shot of good liquor. Born in Radom, raised in Warsaw, live in Cracow.


Android Developer

Friendly cyclist, as good as gold colleague. Programming is for him both, work and passion. He either does everything with his all heart or doesn’t do it at all. Enthusiast of new solutions and technology. His free time spends on reading and brewing. Very likeable in company mostly because of sharing his homemade beer.


Android Developer

Awesome Quake player. Good cook for whom chicken and fish is enough to cook 5* dish. Cat lover, owner of beautiful Turkish Angora cat. You can dance salsa with him. Addicted to puzzles and challenges (especially programming ones). Crazy about teas and juices. Strawberry monster.


Android Developer


Android Developer


Senior QA Tester



A perfectionist that doesn’t take defeats lightly, but has already learned a bit of humbleness. What he lacks in looks he makes up for in the sense of humour. Being amateur theatre actor he plays in plays, but also play games. He will be starred in a film before thirty. Better off listening than talking, but that’s good, apparently. Can’t live through a day without music. Interested in minimalism lately.

Team member

Awesome Developer

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